Technologies & Expertise

Our core competency is delivering best-in-class cloud systems integration and application development. Our partnership and extensive experience enables us to offer high performing solutions, tailored with the tools and capabilities to fit your day-to-day processes and long-term needs.

  • Amazon Web Services

    Our team of AWS experts has deep experience helping companies leverage Amazon Web Services. From determining the business case for moving to AWS, to designing, deploying and managing complex AWS initiatives, we provide a full suite of consulting and technology solutions for Amazon Web Services.

  • Ruby on Rails

    Ruby on Rails® is an open-source web framework that’s optimized for programmer happiness and sustainable productivity. So let’s write beautiful code and favor convention over configuration.

  • Docker

    By using technologies like Docker, we help you to deliver IT better. You’ll be prepared for transformation and be able to support your business evolution better by delivering applications from source code management to continuous deployment rapidly, with higher quality and greater scalability.

  • Node JS

    Particle41 has successfully developed Node.js based solutions for many different companies in a range of industries. Our clients benefit from both cost effective resolutions of their engineering problems and increased efficiency of the solutions we implement. As we help you rebuild your systems, we also take a proactive approach to introducing software engineering best practices.

  • Pivotal Tracker

    We love the simplicity of PT. You brainstorm into the ice box. Prioritize stories into the backlog. Estimate each story. Start a story. Finish a story. Deliver a story. Then the customer can either accept or reject a story. The simplicity is genius. It allows us to effectively manage large projects and keep visibility high and expectations tight.

  • Configuration
    Managment with Chef

    Chef provides developers, especially Ruby developers, with a method for programming their infrastructure. This turns out to be invaluable. At Particle41 we use Chef in some rather adventurous ways that allow us a lot of flexibility when designing our infrastructure.

  • Slack

    We use Slack® because it helps our team if everyone is made aware of what’s going on in all sides of the business in order to either interject, ask a question, or for individuals to plan their own work around what was being done elsewhere. We integrate most of our tools together with slack to reduce the team’s reliance on email reserving it for truly important communication.