Deployment of your cloud-based systems should be light switch like in its execution. While complex system often create unexpected results, we use the latest configuration management tools to wrangle this complexity and deliver consistent results.

Particle41's Multi-step Approach

  • Blueprint: We craft a blueprint for each deployment to ensure that the special needs of your system are addressed. This involves gathering requirements, mapping your network to reveal all relevant dependencies, and then making a series of pre-deployment decisions to ensure the process is managed well.
  • DevOps approach: We use best-of-breed solutions to ensure that you experience minimal disruptions during the deployment phase.
  • Systems testing and monitoring: During deployment, we will test your systems rigorously and monitor how those systems behave under both scale and high load.
  • Full documentation: We provide full documentation and a proven methodology for transitioning key learnings from our team to yours.

What To Expect

  • Open communication with the Particle 41 team
  • The benefit of best-of-breed cloud technologies
  • Access to all of Particle 41’s technology solutions and proprietary methodologies
  • 24/7 monitoring and support 365 days a year

If you are ready for a smooth deployment of your web-based application, then choose Particle41 as your service provider. Using a DevOps philosophy, we will form a team that will eliminate the glitches that are common with the legacy methods used today.